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If you’re searching for a Fort Saskatchewan optometrist, we are your solution! Vivid Vision proudly serves Fort Saskatchewan and surrounding areas with the most reliable eye care services around. Our lead optometrist, Dr. Breanna Fletcher, received her Doctorate of Optometry in 2014 where she studied at the State University of New York. Through her years of experience, she takes the time to find a treatment plan that works for her patients' specialized needs. Another great aspect of Vivid Vision involves the wide range of services we carry. Check out some information below about our most popular services.

eyecare servicesEye Exams

In order to keep healthy eyes for life, you must seek an optometrist for a preventive eye exam. When eye problems happen, they can usually be detected early by an eye exam. Given how important our eyes are in everyday life, making sure they stay in good health is key. The earlier eye issues are diagnosed, the easier the treatment will be. The American Optometric Association recommends yearly or bi-yearly eye and vision exams to maintain good-standing eye health. During your eye exam, Dr. Fletcher will ask you numerous questions about your eyes to help determine your diagnosis. After a series of tests, she’ll determine the best treatment plan for your needs.

Contact Lens Service

Whether you’ve worn glasses forever and you want to upgrade or if you’re using contact lenses for the first time, our contact lens service has just what you’re looking for. First, we’ll sit down with you for an evaluation where we ask you questions about your eyes. After that, Dr. Fletcher will determine what level of vision correction you need for your contact lenses. She’ll run special tests to see if you have nearsightedness, farsightedness, or astigmatism. This will help determine which contact lenses work best for you. 

Eyeglasses/Frame Solutions

If you’re after the latest eyeglasses, you’ll find your solution with our expert team at Vivid Vision. We carry a wide selection of different frames all unique to your personalized needs. But in order to find the perfect frames for you, it all depends on the shape of your face. From square faces to round faces, our eye care specialists will help find the frames that fit perfectly and look great. 

Reliable Eye Care Services at Vivid Vision in Fort Saskatchewan

Here at Vivid Vision, we’ll do anything in our power to improve the clarity of your vision. Our dedication to our patients' needs is where we excel in the industry, and the wide selection of products we carry is what sets us apart from the competition. Located at 10404 99 Ave #156, Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta, T8L 3W2, Canada, you’re just minutes away from improving your eye health. Give us a call at (780) 998-7756 to make an appointment today!

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