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Ortho-K: Orthokeratology Lenses at Vivid Vision

Corrective lenses for refractive errors can make your daytime vision crystal-clear -- but they can also make your life complicated in ways you might not prefer. If you wish you could simply put the glasses or contacts aside and spend your days enjoying lens-free visual clarity, you don't have to undergo LASIK or other corrective surgery to achieve that goal. Here at Vivid Vision in Fort Saskatchewan, we offer orthokeratology (ortho-K) lenses that not only correct your vision as you sleep but could even minimize myopia (nearsightedness) development in your kids.

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What Is Orthokeratology and How Can It Help You?

Orthokeratology is a technique for temporarily reshaping the contours of your corneas. Corneal shape plays a major role in how clearly you can see by controlling how light is refracted into the eye. Standard contact lenses which sit on top of the corneas make subtle changes in refraction to compensate for refractive errors caused by corneal deformation (such as astigmatism), abnormal eyeball length (nearsightedness or farsightedness), or lens focus problems (presbyopia). Eyeglasses achieve the same compensation; they're simply positioned in front of your eyes instead of directly on them. LASIK and related surgeries alter the shape of corneas permanently for 24-hour visual clarity.

Some individuals may not like any of these options. Maybe you don't want to keep up with contacts or protect your glasses from harm on a daily basis. Maybe you don't like the idea of making permanent changes to your eyes. Orthokeratology at our optometry center offers an ideal alternative. You wear these special lenses to bed and let them gently and safely "mold" your corneas into the perfect corrective shape. You can then remove the contacts and go through your day with no lenses at all. You can wear the ortho-K lenses as often as needed, or you can stop using them and allow the correction to reverse itself.

A Major Extra Benefit: Myopia Control for Children

Our eye doctor, Dr. Fletcher, wants parents of nearsighted children to know about another major benefit of orthokeratology. Research indicates that ortho-K lenses can actually slow the progression of myopia in school-aged kids (the period of life in which most myopia development occurs). Our eye doctor can advise you as to whether your child might benefit from this effect to enjoy better overall vision later in life.

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